And here it is - the ' Pelham-Conn '  a.k.a. ' The Impala '

The pictures are high resolution, apologies if you're still on a dial-a-snail internet connection, but the superb detail is such that I didn't want to lose anything by reducing the file-size by a great amount.  Enjoy !   Looks great with the black Selmer mouthpiece.....   Shame about the player - I'm told his name is  " No Bones Jones "     Hmmmm...     I can see a family resemblance, Lewis.......

Revised Jan 2006 to include pictures of the  Custom Snakeskin Case  - what else would be fit for an Impala ?  


And these are some 'Impala tail fin' mods to the C & Eb keys, since the previous picture was taken -


And it's origins ?

And here we have - the case ' in the buff ', followed by the finished article

Copyright Lewis Pelham / Alan Tucker     Jan. 2006