Note : This is now just a provisional page for my Conn and Martin C-Soprano saxophones, more pics coming, and full-page spreads on both saxophones.........  If you came here from an external link, you may not yet have found the new C Soprano section !

So, here are some interim pics of mine, plus a quick  Doodle from the Conn, recorded whilst trying out a Sony ECM-909 mic direct into the PC.  The little bit of sound distortions seems to suggest I may just need a foam shield.  Just for comparison, here's a little bit of   Earle Hagen's 'Harlem Nocturne' - different mouthpiece/reed setup (see below)



On the left, a very playable Conn stencil - engraved  "Pan American".  In all respects identical to the 'real' Conn C-Soprano, except for the lack of rolled toneholes - something I'm not fussed about anyway.  Used with a MojoBari  'tweaked" vintage Meyer Bb soprano ebonite mouthpiece, as you can see it's well onto the cork, and 2.5 Rico Plasticover reed gives a very strident sound.  It has it's own original 'C' mouthpiece, but it's a bit plummy and close-lay.  Bb soprano mouthpieces work fine on C-Sops, as long as they have a short or dumpy shank which allows them to go literally right up to the top octave key.  I just love the RH thumb-oval, just right for a well-worn thumb !  Has original case as well..  Intonation ?  Perfect !   A quick  Doodle from the Conn for your entertainment....   Just for comparison, here's a little bit of Earle Hagen's 'Harlem Nocturne' - a.k.a. the 'Mike Hammer Theme', ranging from low C to high Bb.   Using a vintage Otto Link ebonite Bb soprano-sax mouthpiece and #2 Rico Royal, it's much more focussed and gentler.  The sound level is relatively low, you may need to turn the volume up.  

NEW     Just testing out the (very cheap) Acoustica Mixcraft software, another doodle with the Conn C-Sop and Meyer (Bb) mouthpiece, using a plain old Rico V2 cane reed.  Slight touch of compression, reverb and chorus.....  Look out for more complex sounds when start using backing tracks and/or multi-tracking !    You may just hear the first C-Sax quartet (2 x C-Sop, and 2 x C-Tenor) here !!  NEW

On the right, my project C-Soprano, black with patina, plays a little. It's a Martin stencil, with (of course) bevelled/soldered toneholes - engraved Lyon & Healy.  Physically just slightly shorter than the Conn, still 'LP', plays mellower than the Conn, and is ideally matched with my vintage 'slant sig' Otto Link Bb soprano mouthpiece that I just happened upon in a music shop 'junk box' in the 60's, and I've used on every soprano I've had.  Don't get bargains like that any more !

Below, a picture of the Jupiter Bb Soprano case that the Conn C-Sop shares with a C-Clarinet, Flute, Piccolo, and the odd penny whistle etc.  The bell of the C-Clari (wrapped in a duster) fits inside the bell of the C-Sop !   A whole case of  "C".......................


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